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Website Development

Build/Develop Web enabling systems

Existing applications are often the perceived bottlenecks for companies keen on adapting Internet technologies to take their business to a new level. Porting such applications to the web often becomes a very costly proposition. Nevertheless there is precious data, which is locked away in these applications, which would enhance your business if these were web enabled. We help integrate existing legacy applications with Internet technologies.

Knowledge management portal solutions

Intranets are powerful tools that improve communication in an organization and cut costs. Information gaps, redundant and outdated content and the resulting chaos existing between divisions in organizations can be reduced when an Intranet is implemented. The enterprise information portal as it is called today is a collaborative tool in the workplace of the new millennium. Portals have played a powerful role in bringing together relevant information from various sources onto one single common Plat form. These intranets help unite a decentralized workforce is a way that has never been done before.

The issue at hand is not whether organizations need move to a portal based solution: rather it is whether any company can hope to survive in today's scenario without it. IACT WEB STAR taking up the challenge to develop solutions that deliver a new level of effectiveness for delivering Internet and Intranet solutions to the extended e-business community.